Our products 

We only use the best here. As Brooke has always used Schwarzkopf Professionals it was never a case of her looking elsewhere. She loves colour and feels Schwarzkopf has everything needed to create a professional yet personal touch. The colours are premium and innovative, they constantly bring new colour ranges out to keep up to date with latest trends.

Authentic Beauty Concept was next in line, always wanting to have something different in the salon the came out on top. It has only just launched itself and its ethos is everything the salon is behind. It’s natural, simple but premium. It’s about perfecting the natural imperfections of the natural hair texture to create beautiful styles leaving your hair smelling and feeling fabulous. Not only that it’s free from silicone, sulphate and paraben, being Vegan and cruelty free catering to all needs.

Sway Hair Extensions


​It was always something Brooke has offered and not always for the aesthetics of it but to allow women to feel empowered. Yes Sway will allow your to have ultimate hair goals but it will also allow with clever placement fine hair to be thicker and broken hair to feel fuller. The tape formulas that are used are easy on the hair, so will not damage or break the hair and will leave the hair feeling great and looking even better.

Authentic Beauty Concept, but what can we offer that’s different? 


​We are one of 3 salons In the U.K. to offer ABC as a refill. We take sustainability seriously at the salon, and have gone to great lengths to protect and be more environmentally friendly! This being our new solution! You can purchase an ABC bottle at reception we fill with your product choice, you take home to use and then bring it back when you are done for us to refill! Everyone doing their bit for reducing single use plastics.